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Yulman Stadium

Before Sending Human Colonists To Mars We Need To Carefully Study A Little-Known Film

Thanks too Netflix I got to see this jewel of a little known film. It’s about three groups of people who decided to forsake normal civilized life and got to live on the island of Floreana in the Galapagos Islands. Some were highly-trained professionals. The story did not have a happy ending. One couple,most likely, was murdered. The probable killers died later in a boating mishap between…

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Jean Lafitte Swamp 3

Jean Lafitte Swamp

Getting Back A Small Part Of My Life That I Considered Lost Forever

Sometimes small bureaucratic battles fought for years and having a good outcome make one feel wonder. While in the US Navy I went to graduate school of business at night at George Washington University. I was the only enlisted man in my classes. All of the other students and most of the teachers were military officers. I attended this wonderful university from February of 1972 to June of 1973. I…

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Tantra el yoga del amor El orgasmo

Sexy Erotic Movies Collection for 19+ Adult Hot Movies | Full Body Massa…

What Should Have Happened In The Oscar Pistorius Case

Everyone I predicted the outcome of the Oscar Pistorius murder trial in South Africa correctly. I’ve watched enough hours on real-life crime stories to have learned something about murders between domestic partners. They happen for three reasons as follows:

1) One of the partners has found someone else. They want to get rid of their current partner to be with the new person.

2) One of the…

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I Celebrate 18 Years In The San Francisco Bay Area

Today is the beginning of my 18th year in the San Francisco Bay area. I have never lived in one place so long in my life!!!!! In early September of 1996 I left Houston with less than $200 in my pockets and all the personal possessions that I had. I took a Greyhound bus to San Jose, California. As I rode into town I listened to a radio station playing songs in Portuguese and enjoyed the beautiful…

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